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Learn about the amazing golf and baseball equipment inventions created by our company in Charlotte, North Carolina. Cunningham Golf Creations has been designing and creating sports equipment that helps people perfect their craft. We are pleased to announce the new Tigerwood inserted putter Clique 2010. It conforms to USGA rules. We were the first to offer precision balanced putters in 1978 with our "PBP".

This putter is so well balanced you can spiral the shaft and the ball will not fall from the face of the putter. This putter has an outstanding feel and great accuracy. The wood flexes enough to impart over spin even on miss hits. It is great on fast greens. Each piece of wood has it's own fingerprint (no two are alike).

The Clique 2010 is handcrafted with great pride in workmanship. It has a True Temper steel shaft and a Golf square to the line of flight. We offer the Clique 2010 both right and left handed. We are careful to remove any blemishes on the putting surface. The Clique will give you pride of ownership.

Suggested retail price is $125. Prices on six or more take 50% discount. PRO price on twelve or more take 55% discount. Regular terms: 2% 10 days - net 30 FOB Charlotte, NC.


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"Best Putter I have ever owned - has been in my bag better than 20 years."

"I had the best putting round of my life with your PBP putter (26 putts)"

"The new "Clique" has a better lag quality than the original PBP. Nice work Cunningham."

"If Phil used the "Clique" putter Tiger Woods would never beat him."

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